Our Vision

Enabling FMCG Innovation

Polymer thermal inkjet technology offers HP thermal inkjet printers unprecedented ability to print onto glass, metal and plastics with high adhesion and very fast dry times in applications which were the previous domain of continuous inkstream ( CIJ) and thermal transfer overprinters (TTO).


IP65 Multihead Printers

Our new range of IP65 printers include the S3i; Built to withstand high temperatures & liquids used in harsh industrial printing environments in industries including meat, beverage, aseptic packaging & standup pouches.


IoT, Industrial 4.0 Revolution

Internet of Things (ioT), Industrial 4.0 digital technology  is coming to Digital Ink Technologies. Our new and exciting technology is due for release in May 2020. 

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HP Thermal Printers

From hand-held mobiles with scanners to a full range of single/multiple printhead HP thermal inkjet printers and accessories, we can cover most applications in the FMCG market.

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HP Thermal Inks

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd is a global OEM manufacturer and supplier of an innovative range of thermal inkjet inks for porous, non porous and indirect food contact for industrial HP thermal inkjet


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ARtij® Augmented Thermal Inkjet Reality offers a new dimension in coding and marking for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Market taking inkjet users into the next generation of coding.

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